ICSDI has been awarded multiple contracts both as a prime and a subcontractor from various general contractors and government agencies including many sectors of the U.S. Department of Defense and the Chicago Housing Authority.  

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Building 160 Repair Windows at Rock Island Arsenal, IL


NAICS 238140

June 2020 - June 2021

Repairs included replacement of existing windows with new windows, install masonry wall infill into existing window openings, repairing exterior historic masonry, cleaning exterior masonry, sealing historic masonry, minor concrete repairs, replacing hollow metal doors, replacing an existing built-up roof system with a new 90 mil EPDM roofing system, installing exhaust fans, installing intake louvers with dampeners, and electrical work in support of other trades.



1st Top Coat Paint
1st Top Coat Paint



General Services Administration IDIQ for Cook and Winnebago Counties, IL

Max Limit $85,000,000.00

NAICS 236220

April 2019 - March 2021

Contract for multiple repair and alteration task orders for federal buildings in Northern Illinois with a term of one base year and four option years.


Upgrade HVAC Multiple Buildings at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, MI


NAICS 238220

November 2019 - April 2021

Upgrade the existing HVAC systems in each of the listed buildings per Statement of Work, due to failure, age of equipment, and malfunctions.

Building 129 GFF 01 Placement
Building 129 GFF 01 Placement

Building 24 J-Box Cover
Building 24 J-Box Cover

Building 129 GFF 01 Placement
Building 129 GFF 01 Placement


Chicago Housing Authority Job Order Contracting Tier 3

Up to $250,000 per Job Order

NAICS 236220

September 2017 - October 2021

Assigned General Construction & Interior Improvements.

Renovation of multiple apartment units which includes installation of new cabinets, countertops, kitchen appliances, radiator covers, vinyl plank flooring, lighting, baseboards, bi-fold closet doors, and shelving. New bathroom fixtures, medicine cabinet, accessories, and porcelain tile. Over 30 make-ready units completed to date.


Additional Contracts

Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan

  • Building 192 Repair Concrete

    • Removed and replaced approximately 3,500 square yard of concrete pavement panels in the parking area of the building. Provided all necessary labor, material, equipment and supervision. Contract Value: $437,000.00 NAICS 238990

  • ​Building 972 Demolition & Misc Site Work 
    • Provided all labor, materials, and supervision necassary to demolish and dispose of facilities, various structures, roads, rail roads, sidewalks, and utilities. Restored the site following demolition, re-graded and establish grass ground cover. Contract Value: $270,325.19 NAICS: 238910
  • Building 170 Replace Boilers
    • Replaced the exisiting heating boiler system in the building to a high effieciency condensing boiler. The installation and replacement included all pipping connections, venting power connections, boiler pumpshot water pumps, and system startup and validation with the new pumps operating on a loop. Contract Value: $116,600.00 NAICS: 238220

United States Coast Guard 

  • M&R MMB at USCG STA Sandy Key, FL

    • Repaired moisture intrusion damage in the building walls, including mold abatement, full replacement of wall sections, and door replacements. Completed replacement of a guard shack and an attic access pull down ladder. Replaced damaged light poles, exterior light fixtures, and wall packs. Contract Value: $346,144.59 NAICS: 236220​

  • Maintenance Dredging at USCG STA Sturgeon Bay, WI

    • Provided all necessary labor, material, equipment, supervision, and transportation required to perform maintenance dredging of about 350 cubic yards. Contract Value: $140,299.95 NAICS: 237990

General Services Administration 

  • USAO 5th & 6th Floor Various Offices in Milwaukee, WI

    • Renovate U.S. Attorney’s office. Asbestos abatement/removal of VCT/mastic. Removal of existing carpet, VCT, wall base, and cabinetry. Installation of new carpet tile, VCT, wall base, cabinetry, and patching/painting throughout. Contract Value: $122,628.50 NAICS: 236220