Offering a range of construction services, ICSDI pursues each job with drive and dedication. Utilizing self-performance capabilities and qualified subcontractors, ICSDI provides a full range of expertise to meet the specific needs of clients, from the early project stages of bidding/estimating to scheduling through closeout.


ICSDI is also bonded through a Surety Company which appears in the U. S. Treasury Circular No. 570 (published annually in the Federal Register) and has an “A” rating according to the A.M. Best Rating Guide.



With keen attention to detail, ICSDI's QA/QC is focused on each job in order to detect any issues that could have been easily missed by the client or subcontractors. ICSDI's QA/QC catches any safety risk and through collaboration, with all parties involved, can assess issues efficiently. 




Safety is ICSDI's responsibility and priority. From our field staff to everyone working on or visiting any work sites, ICSDI is dedicated to the health and safety of all individuals and property associated with each construction project. Ensuring the safety of each job site is the most important service ICSDI can provide to all clients, subcontractors, employees, and local residents in the community of each construction site.